About The Photographer

I am Teruko Richardson and I have an uncanny gift for capturing those precious, entertaining and heartfelt moments by telling your story through photography. My images grasp and portray emotion, mood and personality. They capture a moment in time that will allow you to feel the essence of the environment.

 Life provides us with many opportunities to celebrate each other, honor each other or just enjoy and appreciate one another. Occasions such as these should be recorded in a manner that years and even generations from now may be reflected upon and cause you to relive the moment.

I am passionate about photography. I am the photographer who tells your story through inspiring images. I have the ability to unobtrusively capture those moments that may otherwise be forgotten. I capture the spirit of corporate events, holiday celebrations, as well as family celebrations. I enjoy shooting candidly – capturing a moment in time – and welcome the opportunity to provide you with Vizual Memories.
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